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The Townhouse – A Cultural Staple in MaltaThe Townhouse – A Cultural Staple in Malta

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Walk townhouse malta and you’re bound to come across rows of attractive townhouses. These traditional properties are cultural and architectural staples of Maltese streetscapes, and while they’re slowly being replaced by new developments, efforts are underway to preserve as many as possible.

While the exterior of a townhouse is often bare limestone, homeowners would typically paint the wooden features with vibrant colours. Their quaint, colourful appearance gives them a unique charm that you’re unlikely to find in other countries. This is also what makes townhouses such a popular type of property for visitors, who want to immerse themselves in the local culture and history.

Townhouse Malta: Discovering Your Urban Retreat

Inside, look for patterned floor tiles. These were traditionally made by filling a sectioned cast with a mixture of pigment, marble dust and cement to create the face of the tile, then covering it with sand and cement to form the body. These were then laid in intricate patterns that turned the floors into works of art. Today, these tiles can be reproduced at a high price, but nothing beats the original.

The indoor staircase of a townhouse is another iconic feature. These were usually spiralling and decorated with wrought iron balustrades, while the doorways were lined with a vine-on-trellis veranda. Depending on the location, you may even find gardens that house rarities like sundials and seating and planters manufactured from hewn stone.